Liliha restaurant robbed just days after grand opening

Just days after opening, a new restaurant in Liliha becomes the target of a brazen robbery.

It happened Monday afternoon at Hoy Tin Kitchen in broad daylight.

KHON2 spoke with a witness who caught a glimpse of what she says is the getaway car.

That witness is hoping someone will recognize the car in the short clip.

We talked with the restaurant manager off camera who told us employees are ok but shaken by what happened.

A grand opening banner was still draped across the front of the restaurant when the brazen suspect walked inside.

The restaurant manager didn’t want to go on camera but he told KHON2 a man walked in and placed an order.

When the waitress turned to take the order to the kitchen, the suspect grabbed the register and took off.

The manager said a few customers tried to intervene.

A witness, who only wanted be identified as Kawehi, saw the commotion unfold across the street.

“We heard screaming and turned around and saw everyone kind of like huddled around the door and then this guy came running out with the cash register,” Kawehi said.

She said two other suspects were waiting in a car outside.

“I thought it was pretty bold, I mean he just walked out with the cash register. He looked super calm. He just handed it over to his friend and they just drove off. They didn’t screech off, they just like super calm,” Kawehi said.

Kawehi pulled out her phone and was able to snap a quick video of a silver four-door car turning the corner.

“I saw the car and I thought ‘get his license plate’ but they had it covered up with paper,” she said.

We went to to find out what crime was like in the Liliha area. We counted 14 robberies in the last four weeks within a one-mile radius of the business.

We’re told Hoy Tin kitchen had just opened on Thursday.

About two hours after the robbery, the restaurant was back to serving customers.

The manager told KHON2 he hopes what happened won’t keep people away.

“When I came and saw that they were open I thought that was really brave. It’s great that they didn’t let it shut them down,” Kawehi said.

The restaurant didn’t have any surveillance cameras but the manager tells me he’s now looking into getting some installed.

If you have any information about this robbery, give police a call.

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