State crews dismantle homeless encampments in Iwilei

Nimitz Highway

Crews with the state Department of Transportation were out Tuesday clearing sidewalks in Iwilei of homeless encampments.

The effort was conducted on portions of Nimitz Highway and Iwilei Road in coordination with the state Department of Public Safety and homeless outreach providers.

“We did provide outreach in advance on Friday, and made sure everyone knew an operation would be conducted today, and when we went out today, our outreach workers also went out, making offers for services and housing,” said Scott Morishige, state homeless coordinator. “We also had crews go to identify items that were trash or could be stored if someone couldn’t take the items with them.”

While crews “were enforcing obstruction on the state-owned sidewalks,” Morishige stressed that “the ultimate goal is to try and connect homeless individuals to shelter or housing, to try and be able to resolve long-term situations of homelessness.”

The cleanup was conducted as part of routine enforcement that includes overnight park closure hours.

“The state’s framework to address homelessness has a three-prong approach: focus on housing, and human services, and public safety. This is the public safety component of that,” Morishige said.

Tuesday also marks the end of the 30-day educational period for the City and County’s new sit-lie zones in Iwilei and Kapalama.

Iwilei Road

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