Ask HPD: Why are the roads closed so long after a crash?

A vehicle crash takes seconds to happen, but sometimes police keep the roads closed hours after an incident occurs. Why is that necessary?

Honolulu Police Department Detective Parker Bode joined Wake Up 2day to talk about the importance of closing freeways and other streets involved in crash for a long period of time.

When officers are at an accident involving fatal or critical injuries, they’re there to render aid, preserve the area of the accident, and use forensic mapping, which records and analyzes the scene for the investigation. The officers also have to direct traffic if they’ve closed a major roadway for the investigation.

The time spent on this process will depend on how large the scene is, such as how many vehicles are involved, the number of victims, and debris.

Road closures may inconvenience drivers, however when a life is lost or there are serious injuries in a traffic accident, the officers have an obligation to conduct a thorough investigation and resources are directed toward that effort.

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