Try It Before You Buy It: Smart Nora

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Las Vegas (KLAS) — How much is a good night’s sleep worth to you?

Smart Nora is pretty pricey, but it claims to silence snorers in seconds.

Nick Roberts is a snorer. He’s so loud, his wife, Heidi, says she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in 12 years.

“It’s very loud,” Heidi Roberts said. “I have to try to get to sleep before him so it doesn’t wake me up.”

They’ve tried other snoring solutions, from continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to nose strips. Nothing silenced that snore.

So the couple turned to Smart Nora, an egg-shaped device that sits on the nightstand.

If Nora hears snoring, she magically tells the inflator in the pillow to rise or fall, which in theory, would stop the snoring.

Both Nick and Heidi reported results right away.

“Day one, we just woke up and it’s amazing. No snoring, I slept awesome,” said Heidi Roberts.

If snoring did occur, Nora nixed it quickly. Nick Roberts says he never notices the pillow going up or down.

“It never woke me up,” he said.

After two weeks, the couple couldn’t stop singing Smart Nora’s praises.

Even their kids slept better, since snoring no longer reverberated throughout the house.

“Buy it. It works. It is worth the money,” said Heidi Roberts.

Smart Nora costs $300 full price (it’s currently on sale for $269). Click here for more information.

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