Family of man killed in boating accident off Lanikai renews call for change following latest death

Family photo of Sri Shim provided by Alyson Shim

Thursday’s tragedy has us revisiting another incident involving a father who was killed after a boat drove over him in waters off Lanikai.

In January 2016, Sri Shim, 59, was free diving with his stepson, Trey Albrecht, when they were allegedly hit by boat operator Sai Hansen.

Shim died from blunt force and boat propeller injuries.

His daughters, Lauren Kawahakui and Alyson Shim, are still grieving the loss of their father, and hearing the news of another tragedy has them pushing for safer waters off Hawaii.

“I heard there was an accident this morning and the first thing I thought of (was) there’s another person who had the worst day of their lives because of an accident like this, and it is 100-percent preventable. That’s the worst part of all of this,” said Shim.

Following their father’s tragic death, Kawahakui and Shim pushed for a bill to require all motorized recreational boats operating within 500 meters of shore to have propeller guards. It didn’t pass.

“If close enough attention was put on the things that could have been changed in the system to prevent such an accident from happening again, this may not have happened. It’s so unfortunate and sad that those changes weren’t made,” said Kawahakui.

“There haven’t been any changes made since our dad passed away. That to me is asinine. There’s no reason why there shouldn’t have been more regulations,” added Shim.

We asked the Department of Land and Natural Resources if new rules are being implemented following Shim’s death and were told it’s checking into the matter.

We also checked with the prosecutors office to find out where things stand with the case involving Hansen. A spokesman says the case is actively being investigated.

For now, Shim’s daughters shared a message to the family of the father who lost his life at the Waianae boat harbor:

“We want to convey our sincere sadness for the family this has now happened again. All we can do now is push for changes that might prevent this from ever happening again,” said Kawahakui.

“Find comfort in the people who love him. Try to remember the good times, the last conversations,” said Shim. “I think we can all work as a community to prevent this from happening again.”

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