Police seek suspect after man robbed at Pearl City ATM

UPDATE: Honolulu police say the suspect in this case has turned himself in. Click here to view the full update.

Honolulu police and CrimeStoppers need your help identifying the suspect in a Pearl City robbery.

It occurred on Friday, June 2, at approximately 6:35 a.m. at the American Savings Bank ATM in Pearl City Shopping Center at 850 Kamehameha Highway.

Surveillance video from the robbery shows a suspect waiting until the cash leaves an ATM machine to make his move. He took down an elderly man, and then scrambles to get away. But what the video does not show is that the elderly man tried running after the suspect, but he got away and is still on the run.

Sergeant Kim Buffett with HPD says when using an ATM, there are things you can do to protect yourself. “We want to advise the public, when using ATMs, never keep your back to the road. If you’re at the ATM, look around, punch in what you need to punch in, but look around while you’re doing it.”

Police say incidents like this can happen any time. This robbery took place at around 6:30 a.m. and not only that, but the ATM where the robbery took place is just across the street from the Pearl City police station. In this instance police say the man could have been followed to the ATM. “It looked like he saw him walk there and watched him.”

KHON2 spoke with Neal Okabayashi, with the Hawaii Bankers Association: “We do tell our customers that one of the things you should always be aware of is your surroundings so if they’re uncomfortable move onto another ATM. There are alternatives such as an ATM within a bank branch or at a store for example.”

If this does happen to you, Okabayashi says some banks have protections in place. “Customers are very valuable obviously for a bank so they try to do the right thing and depending on the circumstances they would try to make the customer whole.”

The suspect is described to be in his 20s, 5’7″ and 130 lbs. with a thin mustache. He was wearing a black shirt, multi-colored shorts, and a light-colored cap.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300 or submit an online tip here.

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