Dept. of Public Safety names Al Cummings as new state sheriff

Al Cummings

The Department of Public Safety on Friday announced the appointment of Al Cummings as State Sheriff Division Administrator.

Cummings will lead the department’s Sheriff Division, effective June 16, 2017.

“Al will bring valuable experience in his new role as Sheriff,” said PSD Director Nolan Espinda. “He has risen up through the ranks and has a wealth of law enforcement and security experience going back 37 years. He will provide effective leadership, accountability, and will ensure that the division operates efficiently.”

Cummings most recently served as First Deputy for the Public Safety Department Sheriff Division from July 2015 to present.  His duties included Sheriff Division statewide operations, staffing and administrative functions.

Cummings began his career in law enforcement in July 1980 as a state security officer (state law enforcement) under the Attorney General’s Office.  In 1993 the office was legislatively transferred over to the Department of Public Safety Sheriff Division, under the Executive Protection Section, assigned to the State Capitol. From 2005 to July 2015 he served as section commander at various judiciary courthouse complexes across Oahu.

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