Carissa Moore’s father details his daughters 2015 world title run in new book

Chris and Carissa Moore from KHON2 story in Funerary 2000, while Carissa was seven years old

It’s a bond as powerful as the waves that Carissa Moore uses to amaze the globe.

The Three time World Surf League World Champion and her father Chris, are now taking readers on a historic ride to her 2015 crown, in a new book written by the “proud papa”.

F1rst Priority: A Father’s journey in raising world surfing champion Carissa Moore, provides a first hand look in her less than seamless and triumphant third title season, which saw wipeouts and perfect-10’s both in and out of the water.

Carissa Moore as seven year old in KHON2 story from February 2000

Once a pre-teen prodigy, Carissa’s hall-of-fame career had her paops as paramount in pursuit of the pinnacle. KHON2’s Sam Spangler sat down with daddy and daughter recently, who hope their story brings back personal memories for all.

“Well, that was a big reason for writing the book. To try and make it relate-able and have it, have that perspective where people can go wow, I went through that. It’s not always the parents that can relate, it’s the kids and the athletes that can relate and go wow, that’s totally how my dad or mom acted. I’ve always found it fascinating just how parents put their kids to through sport or even through school, how they interact and it’s far from perfect most of the time.” said Chris Moore.

“The truth is, it’s not perfect. It’s never going to be perfect, but if you’re coming out of a loving place as a parent, I think that was what really worked for me and my dad. He always just did it out of the love. He just really wanted to see me succeed and see me do well, and he believed in me.” said the younger Moore.

Carissa, who is currently ranked eighth in the WSL world rankings, returns to action in Huntington Beach, California at the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing, starting on July 31st.

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First Priority is the story of a father and daughter’s journey to the pinnacle of professional surfing. Growing up in Hawaii, Christopher Moore was bit by the surfing bug early, but he had no idea the extent to which the sport would take him until his daughter came along. Like her dad, Carissa took to the water at an early age. She immediately showed an amazing natural talent for surfing and before he knew it, Chris was taking his young daughter surfing nearly every single day. Enjoying the same beaches and reefs where surfing was invented hundreds of years ago, this love for wave riding blossomed into a professional career and today Carissa has become a world surfing champion three times over. This is the first-hand story of Chris and Carissa’s pursuit of greatness and their quest to claim the 2015 title.


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