Ask a Specialist: How to Have the Best Smile of Your Life, Fillings and All!

All of us want that beautiful smile.  But many of us have fillings, and then there’s even problems with those fillings!  So how can we get the best smile of our lives with what we’ve got?  What can we do? Find out with Dr. Angela Chin, a dentist who is also an active staff member for the Queen’s Dental Clinic at The Queen’s Medical Center, in this segment of Ask a Specialist on Wake Up 2day.

Dr. Angela Chin has her own private practice in Honolulu and volunteers with the Queen’s Dental Clinic.  The Queen’s Dental Clinic provides comprehensive, up-to-date dental care for patients of all ages.  It is staffed by dental residents and a team who are all supervised by the Director of Dental Resident Education and dedicated volunteer dentists, including Dr. Chin.

For more information about the Queen’s Dental Clinic, go to


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