Party switch official as Democrats vote to accept Rep. Fukumoto

It’s official. Hawaii Rep. Beth Fukumoto is now a Democrat.

Members of the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s Oahu County Committee voted unanimously Saturday to accept her application.

The vote was the final step in a process required by party bylaws for elected officials switching parties, and followed several meetings and one-on-one discussions.

“(Saturday)’s vote was the result of weeks of meetings and conversations with Democratic Party members about our mutual goals, passions, and how we can work together to make a better life for the people of Hawaii,” Fukumoto said. “I got involved in politics with the goal of making Hawaii more affordable for local families, and I’m looking forward to doing that work with the Democratic Party of Hawaii.”

Fukumoto, who represents District 36 (Mililani, Mililani Mauka, Waipio Acres), announced her plan to leave the Republican Party back in March.

In a formal letter to the party, Fukumoto wrote, “I don’t believe that I can make a difference in the Hawaii Republican Party” and if she remained a Republican, “I would simply become an obstructionist in a political party that doesn’t want to hear my voice or my message.”

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