Nearly 2,000 line up for L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s 76-cent plate lunch

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but on Thursday, 1,900 customers scored one for 76 cents.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue offered a 76-cent plate lunch special from 10 a.m. to noon at its Keeaumoku Street location inside Walmart.

But a line formed way before then.

“This morning, the line was long really, really early. I’d never seen it that long that early,” said Bryan Andaya, the company’s vice president and chief operating officer.

No matter how long the line, if you were in it by noon, you were guaranteed the special price.

Customers got to choose from hamburger steak, kalua pork and cabbage, and the most popular, chicken katsu.

The promotion was held to raise money for charity: $5,000 went to Goodwill Hawaii, which includes proceeds from all the plate lunches and drinks, and matches by L&L and Walmart.

“We’re just really happy to be part of the community and give back to the community. The community has done so much for us,” Andaya said. “We really want to help out Goodwill’s mission to empower people with disabilities and other challenges in their lives to become employable, become a part of the workforce, and overcome their challenge.”

The significance behind the 76-cent price? The first L&L restaurant opened back in 1976.

The first 100 people in line received a free limited edition L&L T-shirt, and the first 10 people in line scored a free one-month supply of Pepsi.

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