Visitor injured, others lose belongings to rogue wave on Maui

La Perouse Bay

A woman from San Francisco was injured Monday when a rogue wave washed over her.

It happened just before noon at La Perouse Bay in Makena.

According to the Maui Fire Department, the 29-year-old woman and her husband were near the water’s edge when a wave knocked her over onto sharp lava rocks. She suffered multiple cuts and a possible broken arm.

Firefighters walked her out to paramedics, where she was evaluated and chose to drive herself to seek further treatment.

Firefighters also found three Oahu women and a 22-month-old boy who were not hurt, but lost their belongings to the wave.

Two of the women lost their shoes, and all were thirsty with their food and water bottles gone.

An employee from nearby Makena Stables used an ATV to bring water out to them, then drove them back to their car in the parking area.

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