After days of celebration, Hokulea journeys back to Sand Island homeport to rest

Hokulea is set to journey back to her homeport just off Sand Island Wednesday following days of homecoming celebrations.

It’s a tricky commute since the crew has to wait for low tide so that she can get under the Ala Moana Bridge at the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor end of the Ala Wai Canal.

The clearance underneath the bridge is just a few feet, and actually requires a large number of crew members on board to “sink” the boat so she floats lower in the water.

She hasn’t been at the Pacific Maritime Learning Center in more than three years.

Hokulea was navigated around the world on the malama honua voyage, which included more than 43,000 nautical miles, more than 200 crew members worked the around the world voyage visiting 150 ports.

Now once she gets back to her home port there will be work done on her, getting her ready for an island tour which will last months.

The island-to-island trek is to bring her to the local people, especially kids around the island so that they can appreciate this iconic Hawaiian cultural centerpiece.

Hokulea spent the last three days docked along the promenade of the Ala Wai Canal for free tours as thousands took the chance to step aboard the voyaging canoe.

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