Mixed Plate: Mabuhay

In “Mixed Plate: Mabuhay,” Pamela Young explores the Philippines, from its history to its culture, and its modern-day evolution. She and Eddie Flores joined John Veneri to talk about the making of the television special and the stories they discovered along the way.


Dance: Sinulog is the biggest festival in the Visayas. Two million Filipinos fly into Cebu to celebrate the country’s Christian heritage since the landing of explorer Ferdinand Magellan.


Fashion: Manila has become the fashion mecca of Asia with some of the world’s most beautiful supermodels. The male model most in demand happens to be a boy from Mililani. See him rule the runway during Philippine Fashion Week.


Fight against poverty: The Philippines is a country of extremes with the wealthiest living side-by-side with the poorest. We see how a school for the children of Smoky Mountain dumpsite is changing the destinies of the destitute.


Food: We learn about delicacies combining the region’s spices with Spanish culinary tradition: lechon, lumpia, halo halo, and yes, it would not be a Mixed Plate without balut.


“Mixed Plate: Mabuhay” premieres on tonight at 9:30 p.m. on KHON2.


Check back to see the entire episode online, or tune in for the following rebroadcasts

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