Try It Before You Buy It: Auto Fire Off (AFO)

Photo: KLAS

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With Fourth of July just around the corner, you can expect plenty of barbecues and fireworks — in other words, a lot of fire hazards.

A new gadget promises to protect you from fires without using any water. All you have to do is roll it.

The makers of Auto Fire Off (AFO) promises one little ball can put out fires with a bang. It’s so easy, a kid can do it.

At the Henderson Fire Department’s training center, professionals set a blaze in a dumpster, then dropped the ball in.

There was a lot of smoke, but also flames.

“It did extinguish some of it, but didn’t put it all the way out,” said James Petrolia with the Henderson Fire Department. “That’s a confined space. It should have put it out.”

So while the fire ball looks cool, it won’t be cool if you’re trying to fight a fire.

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