Hokulea’s journey comes full circle with private ceremony at her birthplace

Hokulea is on her way back to her home port at Sand Island.

Her voyage around the world officially came to a close Thursday morning with a quiet, private ceremony at her birthplace, Kualoa.

It’s been 42 years since Hokulea first entered the sacred waters of Hakipuu and Kualoa as Hawaii’s first voyaging canoe in 600 years.

She sat offshore Thursday as crew members of Hokulea and Hawaii’s other voyaging canoes gathered with family, friends, and voyagers from Tahiti, Aotearoa, and beyond.

“This is the closing, a spiritual closing,” said Jenna Ishii, Polynesian Voyaging Society. “We even have some tribal youth gathering to close with us.”

It is said that Kualoa is among the most sacred land on Oahu, where all the gods came together, a perfect location for the rebirth of and practice of ancestral knowledge.

KHON2 will re-air Hoi Mai O Hokulea, our 3.5-hour telecast that covered Hokulea’s homecoming, this Saturday, June 24, from 6:30-10 p.m.

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