Kealoha’s attorney requests commissioner’s removal from discussions on former police chief

During its meeting Wednesday, the Honolulu Police Commission took up a request from the attorney of former chief of police Louis Kealoha.

Kevin Sumida penned a letter to the commission to have commissioner Loretta Sheehan dismissed from further discussions regarding Kealoha.

There is still a civil matter pending against Kealoha, and Sumida says Sheehan has made it clear that she has a specific agenda.

“Commissioner Sheehan has clearly made up her mind about Chief Kealoha, and her lack of impartiality is more than evident in her improper pronouncements, disclosures of confidential personnel information, and intentional misstatement of the facts,” he wrote.

View the letter in its entirety here.

“I believe his request for me to recuse myself is baseless. He makes allegations that are not true,” Sheehan responded to KHON2.

The commission decided to have the ethics commission weigh in, and is waiting for an advisory.

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