Small injured dog found abandoned in Waikele dumpster

A Waikele family made an unexpected find Saturday morning at their storage facility – a small dog injured and abandoned in a dumpster.

Now the family is hoping surveillance cameras may have caught the person who did it.

The dumpster was emptied on Friday, so whoever abandoned the animal did it sometime in the last 24 hours.

The dog can’t use his hind legs, but otherwise is doing well.

Natahsha Shinyama told KHON2 her son was cleaning out their storage unit at the Waikele Self Storage facility when he found the dog.

“My son was cleaning out the bunker. He had thrown a bag in the dumpster. We have a 30-yard big construction dumpster that sits in front of our warehouse and he heard some commotion, went in and found the dog in the bottom of the dumpster,” Shinyama said.

The dog, who appears to be a Chihuahua mix, is visibly injured and can’t use its back legs.

Shinyama noticed an apparent wound near the dog’s back during our interview.

The animal was taken to be checked for a microchip, but we’re told one couldn’t be found.

“He doesn’t look sickly. He looks like once upon a time he was well taken care of,” Shinyama said.

The Hawaiian Humane Society says it only sees a few cases like this a year. However, there could be more cases that just aren’t reported.

“My dogs are like an extension of my kids. They’re my fur babies. For somebody to be able to have that kind of a heart to just… our can is completely empty so it’s an 8-foot drop. For them to just dump it in the dumpster, it’s just unbelievable,” Shinyama said.

The storage facility requires an access code to get on the property.

Shinyama said she’s been in contact with security and police.

“There should be a lot harsher punishment for stuff like this,” Shinyama said. “It is a life, whether it’s human or dog.”

The dog has been nicknamed Snoopy for now and is currently being fostered. He’ll be seen by a veterinarian, and Shinyama hopes to put him in a forever home once he’s healed.

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