Special appearance by Oprah Winfrey draws thousands to Maui amphitheater

Provided by HMSA

The Maui Arts and Cultural Center was packed Monday as thousands of Hawaii residents turned out for a special appearance by Oprah Winfrey.

Fans started lining up early Monday morning, forming a line around the block, to enter the outdoor Alexander & Baldwin Amphitheater.

The event, entitled “Live Your Best Life,” was designed to inspire the public to lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.

Our very own Trini Kaopuiki introduced the talk show host to the crowd, and Winfrey offered some kind words to the community.

“I never do anything without intention, but this is what I want you to know. They wanted me to come here to talk about living your best life and being healthy and all that. I go, how do you tell the people who already live in the best place in the world?” she said to resounding applause. “There’s no place you can be in Maui that people are not happy enough and generous enough to speak to you, so I love that about who we are as a community.”

The event was presented by the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) and digital health and wellness company Sharecare.

Tickets were free for Sharecare account holders, and awarded via online lottery system.

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