Maui County seeks public’s help gathering historical artifacts, materials

Maui’s county clerk is seeking the public’s assistance in gathering artifacts and materials that tell the history of the County of Maui government.

Materials relating to the history of all county departments and divisions, or divisions that may have existed in the past, are being accepted.

“Old photographs, artifacts, documents, materials and personal belongings help us to remember our past, preserve the memories and keep our history alive,” said county clerk Danny Mateo. “Maui County was established in 1905. There’s 112 years of rich history and memories just waiting to be shared.”

A few of the of items collected to date include old police badges, photographs of government officials and facilities, and tools historically used by the Fire and Police Departments.

Items loaned to the county will be used to document history and may be featured in the display cases in the lobby of the council chambers, located on the eighth floor of the county building.

The county clerk will be accepting items on an ongoing basis until the end of the year.

If you have something you’d like to share, contact the county clerk directly at or call (808) 270-7825.

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