Abandoned dog expected to make full recovery after pellet removed from spine

Doctors expect a dog that was left in a dumpster in Waikele to make a full recovery.

Snoopy was found on Saturday, June 24, with a pellet in his spine. He couldn’t use his hind legs.

On Monday night, veterinarians performed surgery to remove the pellet.

They say he’s in a lot of pain, but he can now hold himself up.

As he recovers, Snoopy is being showered with the love and affection he deserves.

Mary, a volunteer who has been caring for him, told KHON2, “I’ve learned some of his idiosyncrasies and he has learned to trust me.”

She has been coming to see him since we first told you that he had a pellet stuck in his spine.

“We are going to give him a better life, life is better now,” she said.

It’s been a rough few days for this pup. A picture of his X-ray shows where the pellet was lodged.

“The cord runs right here, and that bullet is right smack in the middle of the cord space,” said Dr. Joseph Edhlund.

Doctors at Gentle Vets say he’s a Chihuahua-terrier mix. He still has his baby teeth, and they believe he’s less than two years old.

Dr. Mariel Edhlund performed the surgery.

“In general, his attitude is so much better. There is nothing pinching onto that spinal cord,” she said. “It must be so painful. It’s interesting because as we were doing the surgery, we found hair actually, outside hair, inside his spinal cord, which could have been a huge amount of source of infection.”

Snoopy will stay at Gentle Vets for a few days and, according to Dr. Joseph Edhlund, is showing good signs of recovery.

“Neurosurgery is not cheap,” he said. “Usually a surgery like this is going to be five, six, seven-thousand dollars. We are sharing the cost with the people that were involved in rescuing him from the dumpster.”

“He’s a good boy,” Mary said. “He’s got a really strong will, a very, very strong will.”

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