City works on solutions to curb abandoned vehicles

The city continues to deal with tow yards full of abandoned vehicles.

City officials tell us since May 3, there have been more than 4,000 complaints of abandoned or derelict vehicles on Oahu.

The city’s Department of Customer Services told the Honolulu City Council Tuesday that it’s taken several steps to resolve this issue, especially for vehicles belonging to people in the military.

“CSD has engaged in ongoing discussions with the military, since the beginning of the year, with military leaders to identify vehicles and disseminate information to their service members regarding the available manner to dispose of the vehicles,” said deputy director Randy Leong. “CSD has also revised the registration forms that the service members submit to us on a yearly basis at our satellite city halls, and CSD has also identified several lots for our contractor to use.”

Each month, the city auctions off abandoned and unclaimed vehicles, however a federal law prohibits vehicles that are owned by military personnel from being sold at auction.

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