Try It Before You Buy It: Bathroom brush battle

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Get ready for the ultimate bathroom scrubber battle.

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber and Turbo Scrub 360 look a lot alike.

They also promise to do the same things, and they even cost the same at around $40.

So is there really any difference? We put them head to head.

We’re making this a good, clean fight with three rounds of cleaning: showers, sinks, and floors.

On a dirty shower door, Hurricane Spin Scrubber cleans one half, then the Turbo Scrub cleans the other.

After rinsing the door, both sides are practically identical.

For the floor, we add on the extenders to tackle tile and dirty grout.

After a swipe with some old ShamWows, to make this the infomercial trifecta of all time, the results are sparkling. Both clean up nicely.

In round three, the scrubbers need to clean identical sinks covered in activated charcoal and calcium deposits.

Both come with small-space brushes that really do get into hard-to-reach spots, and the high-speed spinning does a nice job kicking the calcium to the curb.

A few minutes of intense scrubbing and both sinks are pretty clean.

After three rounds, it’s clear who the winner is: you.

These brushes do exactly what they claim, making both the Hurricane Spin Scrubber and the Turbo Scrub 360 heavyweight scrubbing champions.

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