City’s solution to fowl problem in urban Honolulu is working, councilwoman says

For about a year, no one did anything about the fowl problem in urban Honolulu.

“They wake up about four in the morning and crow from one to another,” said Palolo resident Skip Calleon. “It’s perpetual, all day long. I have one that lives in my yard all the time.”

Now, the city has expanded its contract with the Hawaiian Humane Society to deal with noisy roosters.

It’s part of a bundle of services the society is now responsible for at a cost of $160,000.

The non-profit says it’s done a lot of enforcement and education on the animal nuisance law. Crews respond to noise-related complaints about pet-owned roosters, chickens, peacocks, and dogs.

“When this was announced in January, we got quite a bit of phone calls, and our field service educates the community,” said Allison Gammel with the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Gammel says the contract doesn’t include dealing with feral chickens, however “if someone does trap or contain a chicken, we will come and pick it up or they’re welcome to pick it up and drop it off.”

For Calleon, roosters are such an issue in her Palolo neighborhood, neighbors are clamoring to trap and take them to the humane society.

“I have a neighbor that’s so frustrated that he has put a bounty out for all the neighborhood children,” Calleon said. “He will pay $5 to $20 each depending on how desperate he is at the time. It’s pretty miserable to live with from day to day.”

Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi says she’s pleased with the society’s new role in enforcing the animal nuisance law.

“They used to be only in the rural areas. Now in the urban area to have these roosters running around,” Kobayashi said, “you’d have this constant noise disturbing people. It’s a big problem and the humane society has lessened that problem, because I haven’t gotten a lot of calls.”

The Hawaiian Humane Society issued out 124 warnings and four citations for rooster nuisances so far this year.

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