Woman celebrates 102nd birthday by hitting the gym

The next time you feel tempted to skip the gym, think about Emi Hata.

At 101 years old, Hata is an avid gym-goer. She pumps iron at Kakaako Fitness at least twice a week.

That wasn’t always the case.

“My mother never did this kind of stuff before. She was more of a tea ceremony, flower arrangement kind of lady. She’s from Japan,” said Hata’s daughter, Akemi Simon.

Hata was referred to a personal trainer by her physical therapist when she started developing arthritis.

“She started working with (personal trainer) Pat at that time over 20 years ago,” Simon said. “The issue was we didn’t want her to deteriorate, so I, with the doctor’s help and referrals from physical therapists, we were able to get her to have a regular program.”

Hata’s workout regimen includes a little bit of everything. She does it all without a word of complaint.

“She’s never like, ‘I can’t do this. This is not the place for me.’ She never did that,” Simon said. “That’s where I’m lucky. She’s willing to try anything.”

It’s paid off. Her regular workouts keep her healthy physically and mentally.

“I think it does. It keeps whatever is still there,” Simon said. “I said, ‘Not too many people go to a gym at 102, and she said, ‘I’m 102?!’ It all has to come back again, until I tell her when she was born and then she goes, ‘Oh yeah, that’s right.'”

Hata’s birthday is technically on Saturday, but Kakaako Fitness threw her an early surprise party on Thursday.

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