Peter Kema Sr. passes lie detector test after search for Peter Boy comes up empty

There’s been a new development in the search for “Peter Boy” Kema.

We’re told his father took, and passed, a lie detector test last week.

Peter Kema Sr. admitted his guilt earlier this year in the death of his son, Peter Kema Jr.

As part of a plea deal, Kema agreed to lead police to the area where he left the boy’s remains. If police came up empty-handed, Kema had to take a lie detector test.

After months of searching for Peter Boy’s remains, investigators have not had any luck, so they turned to a lie detector test to see whether or not he was being truthful.

They say he was.

Kema led investigators to a fishing site in the Puna district, which deputy prosecutor Ricky Roy Damerville tells us was an area that the Kemas often went to.

Damerville says Kema told investigators he dumped his son’s body in the water.

Investigators completed the search for Peter Boy’s remains last week and came up empty-handed, and Kema went in for his mandatory lie-detector test a few days later.

“What is the possibility we will find the remains of his son?” KHON2 asked Damerville.

“You know, that’s really, really difficult to put a probability on that,” he replied. “The state is confident we used all the resources necessary to do a thorough search. We came up empty. Because it was put in the water over 19 years ago, being successful was problematic from the beginning, and everyone knew that.”

As for what’s next in the case, Damerville tells us Kema’s sentencing is scheduled for July 24. He faces 20 years behind bars.

When asked whether investigators will continue searching for Peter Boy’s remains, Damerville said “maybe,” if the state gets any other information.

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