Dispatchers relocated as Honolulu police deal with bed bugs

Honolulu Police Department

The Honolulu Police Department is dealing with a case of bed bugs.

The pests were found in the communications division of HPD’s main station on Beretania Street earlier this week.

“I’m only speculating, but the source seems to come from the outside rather than an infestation within the station,” said acting Chief of Police Cary Okimoto.

The department is hiring an exterminator to treat the area.

In the meantime, 911 and police dispatch services have been relocated to HPD’s alternate communications center in Kapolei, which Okimoto says is normal procedure.

One of the easiest ways to know if you’ve got a bed bug infestation are the tell-tale bites on the face and body.

Check along the folds of your mattress or sheets. That’s where they normally hide.

They also leave behind rust-colored blood spots.

“Even if you get rid of it 100 percent, unless you have something that’s going to keep killing them, they can keep being reinfested from the source that they already came from. So if somebody has them in their home and you get rid of them at the center there. If they come back with the bedbugs on they will reinfest the place. So that’s what makes it so extremely difficult in cases where you have multiple people that could be bringing them in,” said John Speed of Kilauea Pest Control.

If you think you have bed bugs, call an exterminator immediately.

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