Omaha police officer receives surprise message on driveway

OMAHA, Neb. (KETV) — A police officer in Omaha was greeted with a surprise when he left home for work recently.

He initially thought the words written in chalk on his driveway were vandalism, but a closer look proved him wrong.

“At first, I was a little bit upset,” admitted Sgt. Antwone Finch with the Omaha Police Department.

Then he saw the messages: “We love you,” and “Have a good day,” along with several drawings.

The artists behind them were 7-year-old Antonio and 8-year-old Imira.

“I drew a big heart for him,” Antonio said. “We’ve got to show how much we love him, too.”

The two youngsters don’t just consider him a police officer. He’s a neighbor and a friend.

Finch saw it as a sign that he’s doing something right, “especially with the stereotypes, with the role that police officers are having now,” he said.

So he grabbed his camera, took some pictures, and captured a memory he’ll cherish forever.

“It is really cool to have kids who come play in the neighborhood, that come talk to me,” Finch said. “It really makes my day.”

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