Police cite owner of dog behind attack that left two others with life-threatening injuries

Honolulu police are taking action after two pet dogs were attacked by other dogs.

It’s a story you first saw on KHON2 last night.

The owner of two dogs that attacked two smaller dogs in Lanikai Monday was cited by HPD for a dangerous dog violation, and says his court date is set for a month from now.

Lori Johnson doesn’t own the dogs but lives in the same home as their owner. She says she reached out to the Barnes family this morning. “I said anything I can do in anyway shape or form, please contact me. I will definitely help. I don’t own the dogs and they’re not my dogs but I know that Alesia’s dogs are her children, and I have great respect for that.”

The property is gated, but Johnson says the gate was somehow stuck open when the attack happened.

Robert Barnes spoke to KHON2 on Tuesday about the attack. “The dog picks up the dog and starts shaking it and then this other dog comes out and they’re trying to pull the dog apart. I’m kicking the dog and I’m screaming. It was worse than a sci-fi movie you just can’t imagine how horrific it was it just tears your guts out to see something like this.”

According to the dogs owner, he’s been told to keep them confined to the Lanikai home until after the court date.

KHON2 asked Johnson what will happen to the dogs. “Alesia (Barnes) asked today that’s her biggest concern. I said already called I would have the dogs removed even though in my heart I do not feel, or I have not seen they are dangerous. But what I know happened last night is not acceptable, and it is only one dog. I’m taking responsibility because obviously somebody has got to stand up if this is happened. This is a problem. This is not this is not acceptable in any neighborhood.”

According to the law a dangerous dog is one that attacks a person or animal without being provoked.

The citation carries a $500 or $2,000 fine, up to 30 days in prison, or up to 6 months probation, and restitution for medical expenses.

The owner cannot sell or transfer ownership of the dog while the investigation is ongoing.

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