What’s Poppin’ with Primo Popcorn: Co-Furi-Shew and Pineapple Kreme Frozen Kustard

July’s Chocolate of the Month has been on vacation for a very long time but with so many requests from customers and staff, Chef Ry finally caved in.   Co-Furi-Shew is furikake, arare and cashews smothered in rich dark chocolate.  Hurry, there’s only a limited amount and once it’s gone, who knows when Chef Ry will make it again.

Pineapple Kreme, is another creamy, rich delicious Frozen Kustard treat that will cool you off  in this Summer heat.

Pidgin Overdrive is back in the house with Garenz Ballbarenz.  “Das right, garenz ballbarenz you going get a good laugh with Pidgin Overdrive.”

Get a good look at all their shirts and get a taste of their popcorn at 120 Sand Island Access Road or click and shop online at www.primopopcorn.com.


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