Kauai Island Utility Cooperative offers cool rebate for residents

Kauai residents can cool off while saving money, thanks to a special program from the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative.

The co-op’s Efficient Appliance Replacement Rebate program provides for a $50 rebate on a replacement window air conditioner and/or a $25 rebate on a replacement ceiling fan, as long as the appliances meet certain efficiency criteria.

The offer is valid for residential KIUC customers and expires on Sept. 30. It does not extend to commercial customers or for new home construction.

Energy Star air conditioners with an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 11.2 or higher will qualify for the rebate. Ceiling fans must also be Energy Star, however no minimum EER is required for a ceiling fan purchase.

Incentives are limited to one rebate per household for an air conditioner, and up to two fan rebates per household. The rebate application and detailed proof of purchase must be submitted by the KIUC account holder, and will be accepted no later than one month after the appliance is purchased.

KIUC also offers the following ongoing programs:

  • $50 rebate for qualifying refrigerators, freezers and washers
  • $1,000 solar water heater replacement rebate program
  • Special appliance discounts for qualifying low-income seniors (60+)
  • Incentives for cost-effective energy-saving technologies for large and small businesses

Click here for more information on KIUC’s various incentive and rebate programs.

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