Local eatery considered one of PETA’s top vegan sundae spots

A local company known for its banana soft serve is being recognized by PETA.

The animal rights group recently announced its top 10 picks for vegan ice cream sundaes in the U.S., and Banan scooped up a spot with its papaya bowls.

“We love Banan’s papaya boat,” said Marissa Price, PETA. “It’s dishware that you can eat and use to either help feed local pigs or generate compost for local gardens and farms, so you really can’t get better than that.”

The local chain uses only fruits and veggies to create its “ice creams,” and offers toppings such as puffed quinoa, granola, and coconut.

“It’s hard to believe that we’re recognized outside of Hawaii, and to be recognized by something national like PETA, we certainly feel incredibly grateful for it,” said Banan co-owner Matt Hong. “It’s a pretty popular vegan recipe. None of us were vegan at the time, but we were so blown away by the simplicity of ingredients, and when we realized that we could use tons of Hawaii local produce, it was just a no-brainer of hey, we can go investigate agriculture back home and work together.”

Banan has three locations on Oahu: a storefront on University Avenue, a beach shack on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki, and a food truck on Monsarrat Avenue near Diamond Head.

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Rounding out PETA’s list is the iconic Sublime Restaurant and Bar in Fort Lauderdale and Christopher’s Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Crossroads and KindKreme in Los Angeles; Sweet Ritual in Austin, Texas; Boston’s Veggie Galaxy; Virtuous Pie in Portland, Oregon; Denver’s SNOWLAB; and The Cookie Counter in Seattle.

Learn more about PETA’s picks here.

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