Neighbors shocked to learn of Schofield soldier’s alleged ties to terrorism

He spent nearly half his life serving his country and was a decorated soldier.

Now he’s accused of having terrorist ties.

Many questions remain over the arrest of Schofield soldier Ikaika Kang, 34.

Prosecutors say he pledged his allegiance to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS, yet he received many commendations as a soldier.

Kang has lived in Kulana Knolls, a subdivision in Royal Kunia, for about a year. Neighbors say he lived by himself and didn’t have many visitors.

Residents tell us that they did notice that federal agents have been seen in the neighborhood just observing for several months, but they had no idea what was being investigated.

Then Kang was arrested on Saturday and court documents were released Monday claiming Kang made several attempts to help ISIS.

“(The news was) shocking. I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ It was a shock,” said resident manager Pua Edayan. “He didn’t seem out of the ordinary. He minded his own business. He didn’t bother anybody. He was okay. I had no problems with him.”

“I didn’t know something like that was near me,” said neighbor Shane Saragena. “To be honest, I’m kind of scared right now.”

Behavior analyst Roger Strecker tells us that those who become radicalized usually go through something traumatic.

“(It’s likely) he had some type of mental illness or some type of significant emotional event which caused him to seek out another ideology, which he felt was more in line with his current value system,” Strecker said.

Strecker says the radicalization of soldiers is pretty uncommon. The Army and FBI work together to prevent any disasters and, he says in this case, the system worked.

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