Love triangle likely fueled violent confrontation in downtown Honolulu

Photo: Ricky Boyd

A man was sent to a hospital in critical condition, and a married couple was arrested shortly after.

It’s a violent outcome that police sources tell us may be the result of a love triangle.

Authorities say a 39-year-old man was run over Tuesday night behind the Nuuanu YMCA.

Honolulu police arrested the driver along with his wife. Sources tell us that the victim is also the woman’s boyfriend.

Sources say the woman also had a baseball bat and had threatened the boyfriend with it.

A dented school bus remains parked behind the Nuuanu YMCA, where witnesses say the whole thing happened. They heard screaming and discovered that a man had been run over a by a truck.

“I was so scared because I’ve never seen anything like this with my own eyes,” said Corinne Aipia.

Witnesses tell us they heard the engine of the truck revving and then a crash as it hit the school bus, and after that, the sickening sound of a guy in pain.

“I didn’t see his right leg,” Aipia said. “I don’t know if it was behind his back or, I don’t know. I couldn’t stomach it so I was just freaking out.”

The man was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The driver, Anthony Grace, 38, was arrested for attempted murder. He has not been charged.

His wife was arrested for terroristic threatening. Sources say she used a baseball bat to threaten the boyfriend.

Witnesses tell us they saw the woman and the boyfriend arguing before the incident, and that she used the bat to damage his moped. Pieces of the broken parts of the moped are still on the ground.

“Nobody deserves that,” Aipia said. “There’s good and bad in everybody, and to me, he had issues that he had personally. It could have been dealt with differently.”

A spokeswoman for the Nuuanu YMCA told us that none of the people involved works or participates in any of the facility’s programs.

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