Yankees star Judge was can’t miss prospect to local baseball scout

Aaron Judge // AP

He’s been called the LeBron James of Major League Baseball.

New York Yankees 6’7″ 282 lb. rookie right fielder Aaron Judge put on a July fireworks show on Monday night, winning the All-Star Game’s Home Run Derby. Judge hammered a ball 513 feet in the process.

Aaron Judge // AP

The current league leader in homers (30) was also the college home run champion when he played at Fresno State in 2012.

During his two-year stint playing for the Bulldogs, Judge terrorized the University of Hawaii baseball team in the Western Athletic Conference.

The former All-WAC star hit .472 in 36 at-bats against Hawaii in his career. OC Sports color commentator and former 22-year Major League Baseball scout Pal Eldredge says Judge was literally a can’t miss prospect.

“Well before every game I go and I talk to the opposing coaches, and I’m standing there talking to Mike Baetsole and this guy walks by, and I had to do this right (looks up)? I mean 6’7″ and at that time he was like 255 but the guy had it all he could run he could throw. I mean swinging the bat the guy almost put a hole in the left center field fence at (Les) Murakami Stadium but he was a prospect. You could just see it from then on. At least I thought he was.”

Through the first half of the season, Judge ranks 1st in the American League in home runs (30), 2nd in runs batted in (66), and 3rd in batting average (.329).  A rookie has never won the triple crown in Major League history.

“When you look at his swing it’s really an uppercut so he’s pretty much a home run hitting type of swing like most of the guys in the big leagues are anyway.” Eldredge added.

“I just don’t think there are a lot of holes in his swing now. You look at it he’s so big and he’s so tall he takes up most of the box, and he’s able to hit that outside pitch. I think the mistakes that’s what he really takes advantage of, any mistakes over the plate and those are the ones that get hit.”


The MLB All-Star break ends Friday.

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