Hawaiian Airlines changes surfboard policy based on customer feedback

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines has changed its surfboard policy.

The airline says it will now allow passengers to carry as many boards in one bag as they want, so long as the bag weighs 50 pounds or less.

Last year, there was a big uproar when surfers complained that the airline would not allow them to carry more than two boards.

A spokeswoman says the airline listened to customer feedback, and decided to change the policy:

“The previous policy was based on our experience that three or more boards packed together were more likely to be damaged in transport. We are always looking at ways to improve the travel experience, and so we are hopeful that the new policy, along with improved handling procedures by our staff, will strike the right balance between accommodating our guests and making sure we get their boards safely to their destination.”

View the airline’s updated surfboard policy here.

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