Apple patents technology that may save your life

Some say smartphones are your life. Now one company wants to use smartphones to potentially save your life.

You may use your fingerprint to unlock your phone or authorize purchases with Apple Pay, and now it appears Apple is developing Touch ID for other uses.

The company patented new technology to secretly call for help.

Here’s how it could work.

You program a code that you can tap on your phone.

Say — pinky — thumb — pinky.

The phone realizes you’re in trouble, and automatically calls 911.

The key?

The phone won’t display that an emergency call is being made.

So it allows you to call for help discreetly without anyone knowing.

Also, according to the patent, the feature could give first responders your location or automatically pull live audio and video from the phone.

It’s unclear if you’ll see this technology anytime soon. Patents don’t always see the light of day.

But it’s a good indicator that Apple may be thinking about your safety.

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