FBI warns parents of toys with potential to spy on children

The toys in your home could be putting your child’s privacy at risk. That’s the warning from the FBI.

The agency says smart toys — or toys that connect to the internet — are able to collect and store your personal information.

Some can even listen in on conversations — gathering information parents might not want anyone else to have.

The FBI says toys that connect to the internet could be sending your child’s information where you might not want it to go.

Some new smart toys are built with a variety of elements like sensors, microphones, cameras, data storage, and GPS.

According to the FBI if the information the toy collects isn’t secure, it could put the privacy and safety of children at risk.

Tim Caminos with Super Geeks says knowing where the data is going is key. “Is it on a protective cloud server, does it go to a third-party, if it goes to a third-party what did they do with that information?”

These toys generally connect through your Wi-Fi or bluetooth, and without property security measures in place, outside users might be able to listen to conversations, and collect personal information. Some of the things at risk include your child’s name, school, and location.

So what can you do? The FBI says Only use trusted, secure Wi-Fi, carefully read privacy policies, Turn the toy off when not in use, and Provide minimal information when setting up accounts.

For more information, click here.

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