‘Nightmare’ flight after woman puts bare feet on armrests

A passenger described her recent flight as a ‘nightmare’ after a woman placed her bare feet on both of her armrests.

Jessie Char was thrilled when she got on her JetBlue flight to San Francisco and saw she was seated in an empty row.

“My two favorite people to sit with on a plane,” she tweeted.

And then… “A foot started just poking out, toes wiggling,” and then another.

The armrest became a footrest.

“…just two little feet wiggling their toes,” Char said.

“Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare” she tweeted.

The bare feet in flight went viral, provoking ews and yucks.

The disembodied feet reminded one commenter of Thing from the Addams Family, “but double and worse.”

We’ve seen worse…

Pony tails over the seat back. A passenger doing a headstand. A guy who took off his jeans and lounged in his boxers with his feet up. A passenger with his belly exposed and a pillow case over his eyes so at least he didn’t have to see himself.

Which would you prefer, this or these?

The feet, by the way, were attached to a woman. Char described her as a short woman in her 40s.

For once, not man spreading.

Would this be called foot spreading?

Then they became even more footloose.

“Her left foot kind of reached over and pulled up the window shade then pulled it back down,” Char explained.

When Char tried to signal a flight attendant, the feet retracted.

But at least they had closed the shade, thus avoiding a repeat of the old Twilight Zone episode in which William Shatner sees a creature out on the wing.

The episode was entitled “Nightmare at Two-thousand Feet.”

One wit did a sequel, “Nightmare at Two Feet.”

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