82-year-old man living in fear after burglar breaks into his home while he was sleeping

An 82-year-old Palolo Valley man is on edge after he woke up to a burglar inside his home last night.

The man wasn’t injured, but he’s warning the community to stay alert.

The homeowner told KHON2 that he’s not sure why his house was targeted, but he’s concerned the suspect may try to come back.

The man we spoke with is named Joe. He didn’t want to show his face on camera, but he said the break-in happened Thursday around 10:30 p.m.

Joe fell asleep watching TV on his recliner and woke up to a noise.

When he got up to check it out, he saw a man he didn’t know inside his home.

“He came rushing out of that thing right there, running out of that room. He ran to the back. I tried to stop him but he was so fast, a young boy,” Joe said.

The suspect got away with Joe’s wallet, his cell phone, and the keys to his truck and house.

Police arrived minutes later. Joe told KHON2 the suspect fit his hand through a cracked window on his back door, then cut through the screen and unlocked it.

He said his living room light was on and visible from the street outside.

“I must’ve dozed off because for this guy to get into my room, my bedroom, he had to pass through here. It was gutsy, that guy,” Joe said.

We asked Joe how he felt knowing someone was so close to him inside his home.

“Terrible, terrible. I wish I could’ve caught him but he was too fast,” he said.

We checked HPD’s Crime Mapping page and found out there’s been one robbery, 10 burglaries, and multiple vehicle thefts and break-ins just in the last four weeks near Joe’s home.

He said he couldn’t sleep after police left.

“After everything else settled down, I thought about it. Something else could’ve happened,” Joe said.

The suspect, however, did leave some neatly placed evidence behind.

“He left his shoes back there too, he came in barefooted or with his socks, I didn’t notice,” he said.

Joe is hopeful the intruder will eventually be caught.

“Just everybody be alert, look after each other and if you see something strange, do something,” he said.

We’re told the locks on his truck and home have already been replaced and Joe and is considering installing an alarm.

This case is being investigated as a burglary. If you have any information, you’re asked to call Honolulu police.

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