Braves scout Dan Cox hosts open tryout for local aspiring pros

Over 50 of Hawaii’s baseball stars got a chance to show they belong on the road to “the show” Saturday at Mililani High School.

Atlanta Braves area scouting supervisor and Aiea High School Graduate Dan Cox hosted a third-annual open tryout for the Braves.

The workouts consisted of batting practice, bullpens, ground & fly balls, a 60-yard dash, and a live game portion.

“I’m obviously biased to the Hawaii kids out here, but to be honest it’s really tough for Hawaii kids to get exposure.” Cox said.

“I think this open tryout camp is for me to sign players. It’s really tough to sign at an event like this, so I know a lot of college coaches that are looking for players. They don’t have the budget to come out to Hawaii and scout these players. So if I’m looking at a 15-year-old kid like Christian DeJesus that was throwing 92 (miles-per-hour) in the bullpen, put him behind the plate and see what that looks like. Have him take some swings, I can tell some of the college coaches, hey I got a 15-year-old kid you gotta keep your eye on.”

Former University of Hawaii players Marcus Doi and Kyle Mitchell were in attendance. Doi, who was selected in the 25th round of the Major League Baseball Draft by the Chicago Cubs in 2013 out of Mid Pacific, went undrafted this season after an injury-plagued career. Cox believes that Doi still has the tools to play professionally.

Marcus Doi

“There’s also some other players here like Marcus Doi who should be playing pro ball. Didn’t happen. I’m gonna try to help him out with independent leagues. I’ve got some independent contacts. So even though I may not sign a player out of this, we can help out some of these players in a lot of different ways.”

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