Ask a Specialist: Warning Signs of Dementia

Are you just forgetting with age, or is it something more?  Could you have dementia?  Learn what the warning signs are and how dementia is diagnosed with Valisa Saunders, MN, APRN, gerontological nurse practitioner at The Queen’s Medical Center, in this segment of Ask a Specialist on Wake Up 2day.  Valisa received the Clinician of the Year Award from the American Geriatrics Society – the first non-physician to receive the honor.

To learn more about dementia, Valisa will be doing a recorded Queen’s Speaking of Health lecture called “Diagnosing Dementia,” that will be posted on Queen’s You Tube channel.  Registration has been closed due to overwhelming response, so look for the recording in early to mid-August.  Click here to check out all of Queen’s Speaking of Health lectures posted so far and check back in early to mid-August for the recording of “Diagnosing Dementia.”

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