Big Island police task force continues crack down on car thefts

The Big Island Police department’s new task force continues it’s crackdown on car thefts.

Police said they arrested two Puna residents in connection with a stolen vehicle and outstanding warrants on Monday.

28-year-old Juanita Grammer was charged with owning a firearm.

Police say she’s not supposed to have a firearm because she’s a convicted felon.

28-year-old Bronson Oili was also charged with owning a firearm and car theft.
Since the task force started this month — police have made several key arrests.

“What we’re going to do is hold those that are responsible for these car thefts accountable for their actions. A lot of it we rely on tips from public to give us an idea to let us know where these incidents are occuring,” said Lt. Miles Chong of the Big Island Police Department.

The task force is also taking action on a rise in property thefts.

If you see a crime happening in your neighborhood, call the Big Island police department or Big Island Crimestoppers.

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