Large donation aims to increase police presence in Waikiki

Honolulu Police Department

The police presence in Oahu’s main tourist hub could be getting a boost thanks to a gift that puts more boots on the ground.

A Waikiki business group wants to give $85,000 to the city.

It specifically wants the money to be used by the Honolulu Police Department for increased patrols in Waikiki.

KHON2 wanted to know, where will the extra officers come from? Is it common for groups to offer gifts like this?

Honolulu police attended to just over three thousand crimes in Waikiki in 2016.

Here’s the breakdown of just what crimes HPD responded to, 2 murders, 34 sex assaults, more than 200 car thefts and nearly 2,500 thefts.

Thanks to a $85,000 annual gift from the Waikiki Business Improvement District, HPD may soon be getting some extra help.

If approved, the money will allow police to put off duty officers on patrol in Waikiki, to take care of things on duty officers might not be able to get to.

Resident and neighborhood board member Louis Erteschik says more boots on the ground is definitely a good thing. “We think it would be a greater deterrent to criminal activity and we think it would also be something that would give local residents a greater feeling of safety and security, so I’m delighted to see the business committee step up and come through with this grant.”

According to HPD all of the extra officers brought in are off duty and don’t take away from presence in other districts. The $85,000 donation, once approved by the city council, goes straight to District 6 in Waikiki, and is used to bring more officers in.


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