With UH dorm out of hot water again, frustrated students point out other problems

University of Hawaii at Manoa students once again had to deal with no hot water in their dorm.

Students living at Hale Mokihana were without hot water for about two weeks because the boiler was broken.

A contractor fixed it on Friday, but on Wednesday morning, students told us the showers were once again ice cold.

A university spokesman says there was a gas leak Tuesday so the gas had to be turned off. A contractor was supposed to get the hot water running Wednesday.

Now we’re learning more about other maintenance issues that students want fixed.

They say they feel like they’re being punished living at the Mokihana dorm, and want the university to take their concerns more seriously.

After learning that the hot water was out again, Hale Mokihana residents were fed up. They’re hoping that by reaching out to us, things will change.

“It’s pretty cold, like ice water,” said Mokihana resident Ben Likio.

“I feel like it’s a basic human need to just have hot water. That sounds crazy, but I’m pretty sure even prisons have hot water,” said resident Noah Kneeream.

The students brought us inside to get a better look. There’s a problem with the trash being left just outside the trash chute because it’s closed.

“It kind of just sits here for a while, because the trash chute doesn’t work. It hasn’t been working since our second week. It’s pretty bad. It starts to stink too,” said Likio.

The level of frustration is definitely growing, because it’s gone beyond just the lack of hot water.

As we made the rounds, more students pointed out other problems. On the third floor, it’s not just hot water. In one of the showers, there’s no water at all.

“This one’s broken. You can’t even put the water on,” said another resident. “The light over here is broken. It’s been like this since the first week we got here.”

There are lights broken in the hallways and bathrooms on different floors. There are makeshift lights.

“This was here since our first day,” said Likio.

A university spokesman did not want to go on camera.

As for the trash, he says students were told from the beginning that the trash chute was not working, so students are supposed to put their garbage in a trash bin outside.

He adds that the school was not aware of the broken shower, so it will be fixed. As for the lights, he says fixtures and other parts are on the way and will be installed when they arrive.

Unfortunately, students will have to put up with the cold for at least another day. The university says when the contractor tried to turn the boiler back on, there was another gas leak.

Repairs will continue Thursday.

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