Mother pleads for help decades after daughter’s body found murdered in Kunia

It’s a case that’s gone unsolved for more than 30 years.

After watching our coverage of the “Peter Boy” Kema case, Helen Correa’s mother reached out to KHON2 in hopes that her daughter can finally have justice.

Helen Correa of Ewa Beach was only 22 years old. Her body was found, but her killer was never caught.

Her body was discovered in an irrigation ditch in a sugar cane field in Kunia on Oct. 8, 1984. She had been strangled.

Her mother, Roby Correa, says she last saw her daughter the day before her body was found.

“Police told me she was picked up at the bus stop in Waipahu, and so I know it had to be someone she knew, because she would never go with strangers,” Roby Correa said.

Helen Correa was a graduate of Campbell High School and would have turned 55 this year had her life not been cut short.

“The easy part is knowing she rests in peace,” said Roby Correa.

But Roby Correa says she still has so many unanswered questions, like who killed her daughter and why.

“It must have been an accident. Why would anyone hurt her?” she said. “Because she was special needs. She was handicapped mentally as well as physically. She wore a brace and she worked for Easter Seals.”

Roby Correa says under former Honolulu Police Department Chief Louis Kealoha’s administration, everything that was in the file for her daughter’s case was resubmitted for testing on the mainland. The results were inconclusive.

“They said it was negative. There was no evidence at all,” Roby Correa said.

Roby Correa said she misses her daughter’s infectious laugh, and the little quirks about her.

“When we would go out to a restaurant to eat, she would order a salad and soup or something healthy, and then she would order a banana split, and she said, ‘I saved all my calories for the dessert,'” she said.

She has a plea for the person who killed her daughter and/or anyone who has information about the case: “Come forth so that we can put it to rest, because it’s been 33 years. It’s a heavy burden for them who have to carry it, and I’m sure it would be a great relief to get that out of their heart and out of their shoulders, because it weighs down.”

Call 911 if you have any information that can help police solve this cold case murder.

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