Primo Popcorn: Sautéed Mushrooms, Lilikoi Kustard and more

Sautéed Mushrooms on a popcorn!  Whaaaat?!  You heard right!  Primo Popcorn has figured out a way to add the delicious flavors of  mushrooms, rich butter and garlic to its popcorn!  It’s on rotation now so head to the store today!


Lilikoi is another favorite fruit in the islands with its sweet tangy flavor.  Mixed with rich cream, it gives this week’s kustard a yum to your tummy!


How many times do you hear AIDONO WHO, AIDONO WHERE, AIDONO HOW in a day?  So instead of saying it, wear it with Pidgin Overdrive’s AIDONO shirt.


If you are near Queen’s Hospital on Wednesday, August 2nd , Primo Popcorn will be participating in their Farmer’s Market from 9am to 1pm.


Primo Popcorn is located at 120 Sand Island Access Road or you can click and shop online at

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