Judge orders 10-day pause on Maui sand mining as lawsuit moves forward

Photo: Kai Nishiki

Land-moving at a Central Maui site is officially on pause.

A lawsuit was filed in July to halt activity at the Maui Lani site while officials continue to debate a stop on sand mining and exports.

That discussion follows an Always Investigating report this spring that outlined the flow of sand to Oahu for things like concrete for Honolulu’s rail project.

Plaintiffs, which include the group Malama Kakanilua, say the mining could be disrupting Hawaiian burials in an area where hundreds of warriors were slain in a 1776 battle.

“One of the big concerns is that the OHA process and the county council process is, we’re still weeks or possibly even months away from getting some kind of resolution with them, but in the interim, these burials are not exactly protected,” explained attorney Lance Collins.

This week, a judge officially issued a 10-day stay and a hearing will be held Aug. 11 in court to discuss the issue.

Maui Lani Partners declined comment, but has told Always Investigating in the past that all earth-moving activities are overseen by an archaeological monitor.

The company suspended sand removal after the county issued permit warnings this spring.

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