Officials confirm 4 bodies found near wreckage of small plane near Makakilo

Dean Hutton (Photo: Lyssa Chapman)

The bodies of four people, two men and two women, were recovered from the scene of a plane crash Saturday afternoon.

The small, private plane, with tail number N6142N, was reported missing Friday night with four passengers on board.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that a Beech 19 aircraft using visual flight rules (VFR) from Honolulu last communicated with air traffic control at 6:37 p.m. Friday.

The U.S. Coast Guard located the wreckage at around 2:30 p.m. Saturday in a mountainous area above the Kunia farm lots.

There’s no word on how long it might have been there or what condition it’s currently in.

Crews set up a staging area at Hawaii Country Club in Wahiawa. A helicopter retrieved the bodies and brought them back to the area. The wreckage itself has yet to be recovered.

“In this case it’s a very remote area, our rescue personnel had to repel off of our Air 1 helicopter to be inserted into the mountainside,” said Craig Uchimura, Honolulu Fire Department battalion chief. “It’s pretty treacherous up there. We’d be unable to get up there by vehicle, much less by foot. The rescue personnel did not report having any fuel or signs of fire at this time.”

HFD said the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration will take over the investigation.

Dean Hutton (Photo: Lyssa Chapman)

A spokesperson for Lyssa Chapman, from “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” said in a press release that the plane was piloted by Dean Hutton with passengers Gerrit Evensen, Heather Riley, and Alexis Aaron. Evensen is a friend of Chapman.

The group was on a round robin pleasure flight, and their car was found on Lagoon Drive.

Chapman and Evensen’s sister Lei Evensen asks anyone who may have noticed anything off the waters of West Oahu last night to contact the police or Coast Guard.

“I’m understanding that this aircraft went out yesterday, but we didn’t find out about it until today because no one knew they were missing, and the owner of the aircraft said they never checked in yesterday. So we found out about it today. So it’s been 24 hours, I’m just guessing now. It’s been a while, they’ve been out there a while,” said Lt. Cmdr. Ron Green, U.S. Coast Guard. “File a flight plan. File a float plan. Let somebody know where you’re going, so that if you do go missing, we don’t have to wait for the alarm.”

The owner of the plane, Jahn Mueller issued the following statement:

“I am deeply saddened by this tragic event and my prayers go out to all affected. I don’t want to speculate on the cause of this accident as that will be determined by professionals in due time. I knew Dean and he loved flying and had many hours in that plane. He had an alternator problem several flights ago and handled it like a professional. The aircraft was repaired and has had no further issues since. I would like to thank all involved in the recovery mission and God bless.”

Heather Riley and Gerrit Evensen (Photo: Lyssa Chapman)

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