Rolovich sees self-development in stepping back from offense

Nick Rolovich // Hawaii Athletics

Since guiding the University of Hawaii to a WAC championship as an offensive coordinator in 2010, Nick Rolovich has been regarded as an offensive mastermind.

Why would ‘Rolo’ want to remove himself from control of the ‘O’ in 2017?

“I think my half-way involvement offensively may have hindered us.” Rolovich said.

“I may have confused the power structure of who’s making decisions.”

Rolo has granted powers of the offense to coordinator Brian Smith and the rest of his assistant coaches.

It’s a mature move that most head coaches, who desire total control by nature, don’t make early in their careers. With heavy responsibilities in all aspects of the program, Rolovich believes that relinquishing duties will benefit him as well as his staff members.

“We’re seeing better results. Just the efficiency in the office. They’re not waiting for me whenever I’m done with whatever I’ve got to do. They have a schedule, they have a responsibility sheet. I think we took a big step offensively in the staff room. I really do. We won seven games (in 2016), we improved offensively, but there was some confusion. But I’m glad the staff was honest with me because I asked them what can I do better. We did an evaluation and each player told us about how they felt about every aspect of the program and then I did the coaches. And that came from them.”

Rolovich and the Rainbow Warriors will resume fall training camp Monday morning at 6:30 in Manoa. Hawaii opens their 2017 season August 26th at UMass at 12:00 pm HST.

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